3000 word photography essay

Are you a procrastination master? Dimitris Kalogeropoylos — Flickr Plan Fail to plan and you plan to fail — or so our lecturers keep telling us.

3000 word photography essay

John Gazulli, a doctor, was sent to the court of king Matthias Corvinus to coordinate the offensive against Mehmed II. The knight Pal Gazulli was travelling frequently to Italy, and another Gazulli, Andrea, was ambassador of the despot of Morea in Ragusa before becoming a member of Skanderbeg's court in Some adventurers also followed Skanderbeg, such as a certain John Newport, a Stefan Maramonteambassador of Skanderbeg in Milan ina certain Stjepan Radojevic, who in provided ships for a trip to Split, a certain Ruscus from Cattaro, and others.

Correspondence was written in Slavic, Greek, Latin, and Italian. Documents in Latin were written by notaries from Italy or Venetian territories in Albania. Gibbon reports that the "Albanians, a martial race, were unanimous to live and die with their hereditary prince", and that "in the assembly of the states of Epirus, Skanderbeg was elected general of the Turkish war and each of the allies engaged to furnish his respective proportion of men and money".

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During the first 8—10 years, Skanderbeg commanded an army of generally 10,—15, soldiers, [74] but only had absolute control over the men from his own dominions, and had to convince the other princes to follow his policies and tactics.

At a given signal, they descended, encircled the Ottomans, and gave Skanderbeg a much needed victory. About 8, Ottomans were killed and 2, were captured.

3000 word photography essay

On 10 October an Ottoman force of 9,—15, [78] men under Firuz Pasha was sent to prevent Skanderbeg from moving into Macedonia. Firuz had heard that the Albanian army had disbanded for the time being, so he planned to move quickly around the Black Drin valley and through Prizren.

These movements were picked up by Skanderbeg's scouts, who moved to meet Firuz. Firuz was killed along with 1, of his men. Albanian—Venetian War At the beginning of the Albanian insurrection, the Republic of Venice was supportive of Skanderbeg, considering his forces to be a buffer between them and the Ottoman Empire.

The later affirmation of Skanderbeg and his rise as a strong force on their borders, however, was seen as a menace to the interests of the Republic, leading to a worsening of relations and the dispute over the fortress of Dagnum which triggered the Albanian-Venetian War of — The Albanian garrison in the castle resisted the frontal assaults of the Ottoman army, while Skanderbeg harassed the besieging forces with the remaining Albanian army under his personal command.

In late summerdue to a lack of potable water, the Albanian garrison eventually surrendered the castle with the condition of safe passage through the Ottoman besieging forces, a condition which was accepted and respected by Sultan Murad II. While Barleti and Biemmi maintained that a dead dog was found in the castle well, and the garrison refused to drink the water since it might corrupt their soul, another primary source, an Ottoman chronicler, conjectured that the Ottoman forces found and cut the water sources of the castle.

Recent historians mostly concur with the Ottoman chronicler's version. Mustafa Pasha lost 3, men and was captured, along with twelve high officers. Skanderbeg learned from these officers that it was the Venetians who pushed the Ottomans to invade Albania.

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The Venetians, upon hearing of the defeat, urged to establish peace. Mustafa Pasha was soon ransomed for 25, ducats to the Ottomans. On 23 July Skanderbeg crossed the Drin River with 10, men, meeting a Venetian force of 15, men under the command of Daniele Iurichi, governor of Scutari.

Skanderbeg, seeing his fleeing adversaries, ordered a full-scale offensive, routing the entire Venetian army. Skanderbeg's army suffered casualties, most on the right wing. In addition Venice would pay Skanderbeg 1, ducats.

During the period of clashes with Venice, Skanderbeg intensified relations with Alfonso V of Aragon r. However, the Albanian army under Skanderbeg did not participate in this battle as he was prevented from joining with Hunyadi's army.

The garrison repelled three major direct assaults on the city walls by the Ottomans, causing great losses to the besieging forces. Ottoman attempts at finding and cutting the water sources failed, as did a sapped tunnel, which collapsed suddenly.

An offer ofaspra Ottoman silver coins and a promise of a high rank as an officer in the Ottoman army made to Vrana Konti, were both rejected by him. The other nobles from the region of Albania allied with Murad II as he came to save them from the oppression.

Even after the sultan's withdrawal they rejected Skanderbeg's efforts to enforce his authority over their domains. Skanderbeg's success brought praise from all over Europe and ambassadors were sent to him from Rome, NaplesHungaryand Burgundy.

Although Skanderbeg had achieved success in resisting Murad II himself, harvests were unproductive and famine was widespread.Photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration, passports to inner sanctums, instruments for change.

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Their images are proof the photography matters-now more than ever. One of the tracking features Word Counter provides in the “Details” section on the right side of the tool is a Reading Level.

3000 word photography essay

Of all the metrics the tool keeps track of, this is probably the one we receive the most questions about. With that in mind, we felt it would be beneficial to try .

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