A case guide of the global

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A case guide of the global

This concept looks at global communications and media studies in three major areas: Transcultural Political Economy is a multidisciplinary study that focuses on the tensions between political economy and cultural studies.

It "integrate[s] institutional and cultural analyzes and address urgent questions in global communications in the context of economic integration, empire formation, and the tensions associated with adapting new privatized technologies, neoliberalized and globalized institutional structures, and hybrid cultural forms and practices".

Transcultural Political Economy addresses the issues surrounding the practice of neoliberalism and its creation of unequal power structures within the world system. Globalization Globalization theory was popularized in the s as a model for understanding global communication.

The concept of globalization inspired a number of theories from various schools of thought in communication studies that each emphasize different aspects of globalization. Transnationalizing business is often celebrated as progression toward a more interconnected world. A world-system is what Wallerstein terms a "world-economy", integrated through the market rather than a political centre, in which two or more regions are interdependent with respect A case guide of the global necessities like food, fuel, and two or more polities compete for domination without the emergence of one single centre forever.

There are three major sources of the world-system theory which conceived by Wallerstein: The core countries usually developed a strong central governments, extensive bureaucracies and large mercenary armies, which permit the local bourgeoisie to obtain control over international commerce and extract capital surpluses from the trade for benefits.

They retain limited but declining access to international banking and the production of high-cost high-quality manufactured goods. This concept has come from the transition of traditional societies to modern societies, where modern societies is distinctively industrial, urban, literate, and participant.

This theory looks at development in a linear fashion, concluding that nations need to develop into a modern society to make it a sustainable and flourishing nation.

A case guide of the global

Developing modernized societies include technological advancement, and developing media sectors to help create a participatory culture.

Post-structuralismimperialismmodernityPost-colonialism is a theoretical approach to looking at literature that examines the colonizer-colonized experience. It deals with the adaptation of formerly colonized nations and their development in cultural, political, economical aspects.

Some Notable theoreticians include: Cultural imperialism[ edit ] Cultural imperialism is a mighty civilization exerts culture influence over another.

Media effect study which integrated with political-economy traditional is the core argument of cultural imperialism. There are two opposite effects of media study. Communication for development C4D [ edit ] Communication for Development C4D is a praxis oriented aspect of global communication studies that approaches global development with a focus on action and participation for social change enacted through communication systems.

Theories behind C4D highlight that development projects should be contextually situated and that communication technology will affect different types of social change accordingly.

Media study deals with the content, history and effects of media. Media study often draws on theories and methods from the disciplines of cultural studies, rhetoric, philosophy, communication studies, feminist theory, political economy and sociology.

But the political economic research has become more resilient because of stronger empirical studies, and the potential connections to policy-making and alternative praxis.

The media of mainland China is state-run, so the political subjects are under the strict regulations set by the government while other areas such as sports, finance, and increasingly lucrative entertainment industry face less regulation from government.

Wallerstein proposes four different categories: The core regions are the ones that benefited the most from the capitalist world economy, such as England and France.

The peripheral areas relied on and exported raw materials to the core, such as Eastern Europe and Latin America. The semi-peripheries are either core regions in decline or peripheries attempting to improve their relative position in the world system, such as Portugal and Spain.

A case guide of the global

The external areas managed to remain outside the modern world economy, such as Russia.The Global guide to responsible investment regulation focusses on the perceptions of the investor community to draw conclusions about the impact of regulation on investment practice.

The PRI’s Case for investor engagement in public policy provides a framework for investors to support effective responsible investment regulation using the. At Fujitsu we create strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to work together to find innovative solutions to business challenges.

Look at the case studies to find out more about how we can help your business. Collaborating Worldwide. Collaborating with global and bilateral partners, EPA is working to promote sustainable development, protect vulnerable populations, facilitate commerce, and engage diplomatically around the world.

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