A review of muckraking

Originally published as Appointment at Armageddon, Filler's book is a vital contribution in understanding the intrinsic dynamic of reform in American life. It extracts from the issues that fostered progressivism and muckraking an essence that illuminates contemporary debate. Filler points out that early twentieth-century progressivism was essentially middle class, seeking common denominators for social interests.

A review of muckraking

It's all Gwen Stefani's fault.

A review of muckraking

Well, most of the country's current mess, anyway. Leave it to Michael Moore to connect such improbable dots. Apparently, he just doesn't connect with moviegoers anymore. If you missed the memo on Stefani, here's what happened: On September 5, the Hollywood Reporter ran an interview with Moore, the year-old muckraker.

In it, he speculated that the real reason Donald Trump announced plans for a presidential run was his discovery that NBC was paying Stefani more for coaching on "The Voice" than he was getting for hosting "The Apprentice.

Instead, he wound up showing it how racist he was, launching a Trump Tower rant that included those infamous lines about Mexicans being rapists. This time, NBC executives were the ones who got to say, "You're fired. In his bones, he had zero doubt that juicy bit of supposition about Trump's motive would generate buzz for his latest documentary.

A review of muckraking

But it was Trump who got all the talk that day. September 5 was also the day the New York Times ran the anonymous op-ed by one of his high-ranking officials.

The director's latest is the movie he was born to make. It's a greatest hits compilation of signature themes. Moore's mission not exactly a spoiler alert is to diagnose the malady he believes afflicts American democracy today and threatens its survival.

The list of symptoms reads like a trip down memory lane — or down his IMDb page. He reminds us gun violence continues to take a terrible toll as public servants take money from the NRA and look the other way Bowling for Columbine.

Into his tapestry of callousness and corruption, the filmmaker weaves the argument that studies prove most Americans are more progressive than Democratic party leaders want to admit. That most citizens support, for example, universal health care Sickoequal pay and flexible maternity leave Where to Invade Nexteven government-subsidized jobs Capitalism: If the party wants to make America great again, he suggests, it should listen more closely to its base.

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Moore locates the doomsayer's mandatory ray of hope in movements started by young people across the country Slacker Uprising — nope, I didn't see it, either. Among the picture's high points are scenes featuring the Parkland, Fla.

Congress should just amend the Constitution and put these kids in charge already.The muckraking journalists who emerged around , like Lincoln Steffens, were not as easy for Roosevelt to manage as the objective journalists, and the President gave Steffens access to the White House and interviews to steer stories his way.

The book was fine for the purpose it served me, to read it and write a paper on the articles for my college History class. However, I bought the book used so it was somewhat confusing to bypass all of the previous highlighted sections and notes in the margins.

Reviews; July 7, PM PT Film Review: ‘The Dog Lover’ An investigative drama reveals the hidden world of dog breeding, giving compassionate roles to James Remar and Lea Thompson. Muckraking journalism is part and parcel of American democracy.

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But how many people know about the role that muckraking has played around the world? Global Muckraking | The New Press. Oct 10, Linda rated it liked it · review of another edition Muckraking is a book of collected newpaper article (and a few radio transcripts) that show the development of /5(3).

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