Alcohol age limit

The Danish Cancer Society is therefore advocating an increase in the minimum legal purchase age, an effective means of reducing alcohol consumption and related harm among young people. The high level of binge drinking among youth leads to significant health consequences.

Alcohol age limit

They were generally 21, but changed when the majority age was lowered with the 26th amendment to Then, the drinking ages in most of the states were lowered to match up with the new majority age.

State's drinking age should remain 21 -

This only seemed right Alcohol age limit the age at which you could vote and register for the draft should be the same as the age when you could drink.

However, those laws started to change in the late s and early s. Some states started raising their drinking ages to Then, came the federal law pertaining to underage drinking problems, specifically drunk driving, and drunk driving fatalities.

This seemed like a way of getting around the 10th Amendment, and allowing the federal government to coerce the states into doing what they wanted them to do. This was a sore point, and a subject of much debate throughout the years, and there are still some states that are considering lowering their drinking ages to Well, the states had a big problem with drunk driving fatalities, and they wanted to cut down on them.

The drinking age in California has always seemed to be around California is sort of unusual because it had a year-old limit pre-prohibition, post-prohibition, in the s when the 26th Amendment was adopted, and in the s when the Drinking Age Act was passed.

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In the 21st century, it still remains California has a rule about any private location, but that excludes possession in a motor vehicle. Youth can purchase alcohol for law enforcement purposes though.

Alcohol age limit

Furnishing alcohol to minors is never allowed under any circumstances. Of course, this would not be true in the case of being in a private location with a responsible parent or adult guardian.

Posts related to Drinking age in California.Most Americans know that the drinking age in our nation is But many people don't know much more. Here are some facts: We don't have a national minimum drinking age-states are allowed to set the limit where they choose.

Jul 15,  · The national drinking age isn't based on clear science about the difference between and year-old brains. For individuals over the age of 21, the legal blood alcohol limit in Rhode Island in is %. Above this limit, you are deemed by law to be driving under the influence in the State of Rhode Island.

In all States, if you are under the age of 21, there is a zero tolerance for any reported blood alcohol level while driving.

Also, the limit is for professional drivers (i.e., bus, taxi, etc.). In Germany, there is a zero tolerance for any new driver having a license less than 2 years, regardless of age.

Alcohol age limit

The drinking age in the United States (21), adopted in , is one of the highest in the world. Countries that compare in severity are only a few, including Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Oman. Aug 25,  · I think the age limit for alcohol consumption should be eliminated completely.

The penalties for public intoxication and drunk driving should be increased at the same time. The reason that teen drinking is a problem is that it is a new experience that is forbidden to Resolved.

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