Banning whaling

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Banning whaling

Japan proposes end to commercial whaling ban Sep.

Banning whaling

But the proposal faces stiff opposition from countries Banning whaling argue that many whale populations are still vulnerable or, even more broadly, that the killing of whales is increasingly seen as unacceptable.

Japan currently kills whales under a provision that allows hunting for research purposes. If the ban on commercial whaling were to be lifted, it would then be up to the commission to set catch limits.

Japan has hunted whales for centuries as a traditionally cheaper alternative source of protein. Its catch has fallen in recent years in part due to declining domestic demand for whale meat and challenges to its hunt.

It revised the program and resumed the hunt in Some, however, contend the research program remains a cover for commercial whaling because the whale meat is sold for food. The attempt to reintroduce commercial whaling could be even more contentious.

Brazil has submitted a proposal that says such whaling "is no longer a necessary economic activity, has systematically reduced whale populations to dangerously low levels. Australia says that non-lethal research techniques actually reveal more information about whales than can be learned through killing them.

The United States also opposes lethal research hunts, but both countries support the exception for subsistence whalers.

Japan says that it uses both lethal and non-lethal methods, but that some information can only be gleaned after killing. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Apr 12,  · In a public vote, the second strangest law was one making it an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the monarch's head upside down on an envelope.

Current commercial whaling and whaling practices that slaughter many whales at once are still threatening the populations of some species.


The Cruel Methods Poster by . Harp seals are the victims of the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world: the Canadian seal hunt.

Learn how to help end the cruel, ecologically irresponsible, and totally unnecessary seal hunt on Read articles on seals and the seal hunt in the news. Banning whaling Whales are the biggest animals that live on this planet, in the oceans. Depending on their species they can weigh up to tons, the weight of around 12 elephants or people.

I have been doing scrimshaw for about 20 years. Have had a scrimshaw site for at least 15 years. Now reside in AZ. Taking care of my mom. Have been pretty discouraged about continueing. Countries that support commercial whaling, notably Iceland, Japan, and Norway, wish to lift the ban on certain whale stocks for hunting.

Banning whaling

Anti-whaling countries and environmental groups oppose lifting the ban.

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