Batman spiderman

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Batman spiderman

This episode is sponsored by Audible. The episode featured two of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, considered the poster boys of their respective companies, Batman of DC Comics and Spider-Man of Marvel Comics.

The dark knight battles the web crawler in a duel to the finish! The superhero saviors of the lone and helpless. Bruce Wayne, the Batman. And Peter Parker, the Spider-Man. After his parents were murdered by the common thug, Bruce Wayne dedicated his life to fighting criminal underworld.

He achieved 12 master degrees, studied martial arts, and perfected escape artistry. Given enough time, he can escaped any conceivable trap. He can bench press 1, pounds and has great aim and reflexes. The Batsuit was designed to be the ultimate flexible, combat armor.

Batman spiderman

While the pointy ears are a bit much for me, the armor can stop knives and gunfire. His memory cloth cape can be used as a glider and the entire suit is lined with avolt electro network. Grappling hooks, explosives, beer. Maybe not that last one, but mine would. Notable gadgets include a gas mask, tear gas, smoke pellets, a Kryptonite ring, remote detonated plastic explosives, and his trademark grapple gun.

He also carries a large supply of collapsible shurikens: Like, the electric shock, knock out dart, and grenade. And while Batman is only human, his achievement stand among gods. But while Wayne has no exploitable weaknesses, he is not perfect. His mental stability has often been called into question.

His parents were killed in front of him as a child, he uses his money to beat the shit out of people dressed as a giant bat, and keeps employing 12 year old sidekicks.

But he IS a survivor. Yet he somehow pulled through every time. Batman takes out the thug. Once Peter Parker was a wimpy nerd with no friends. But after some practice and superheroing, he finally got himself laid.

A clever photographer and science major, Spider-Man is not only incredibly powerful, but also a genius in strategy and science. Using these skills, he created two wrist mounted webshooters which let him swing around the city. Craps some webs like a spider can!

His spider powers give him superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability. He can also knock out a dinosaur out cold with a single punch. Haha, suck it, Denver! But his most advantageous power is the Spider-Sense.

Actually, the Spider-Sense is much more than a simple alarm. It gives Peter omnipresent detection to his surroundings. This is why he swings around New York without looking where he shoots his webs.

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And unlike his human senses, it is not affected by gases or toxins unless specifically tailored to the Spider-Sense itself.Batman VS Spider-Man is the 23rd episode of Death Battle.

This episode is sponsored by The episode featured two of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, considered the poster boys of their respective companies, Batman of DC Comics and Spider-Man of Marvel Episode: Man of Action Figures is a family owned and operated business specializing in everything action figures.

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Spiderman coloring pages are a simple and easy way to encourage and enhance creative expression.

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