Economic challanges to pakistan

Issues relating to energy are among the most important and difficult challenges confronting the world today.

Economic challanges to pakistan

Strategic sense is necessary to exploit best development potential country has.

Economic challanges to pakistan

Nature did not ditch to Pakistan by giving it best location in this world. The covering of Pakistan itself known as an economic hub like the name of China considerably now a day.

It is known fact after analyzing it, Pakistan is unable to realize such factors. Economic Challenges In Pakistan still waiting for another government. The vast population and diverse resources of Pakistan are waiting to get something to meet these challenges in best possible manner.

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Economic Challenges In Pakistan No exploitation of Resources Pakistan is a country not considering the potential of diverse resources.

Trade is another implicit segment here in Pakistan that is being ignored by every change Government. It is known fact that aforesaid both things are resources of Pakistan.

These resources need proper reform to materialized for the sake of progress here in Pakistan. It is known fact that the base of the economy in Pakistan is a lie in its working age population. Therefore, Pakistan is facing economic challenges due to no approach towards reform of such working age population.

Security Issues Pakistan has been struggling with economic challenges due to security issues in Pakistan for long.

Economic Challenges In Pakistan

There are many economic challengessecurity issues make these worst so far. Socially speaking, these security issues are various in number and people are feeling danger under such issues.

There is no or least development or developmental activities due to these security issues. Although, currently the government is negotiating with these security factors. But, state or non-state actors are affecting this mindset here in Pakistan.

Economic challanges to pakistan

The lack of proper and loyal governance is getting this issue more worst with no result. Natural or Political Disasters The government is best in communicating its agenda towards the economy.

There is an absolute way to think about the economy at Government level but natural disasters like a flood in Punjab in was not predicted. The government failed in negotiating with political parties who caused political uncertainty in near past.

These non-predicted disasters did not allow Pakistan to move positively. In the end, one would like to say that GDP growth rate is still laying between 4. The success paradigm implicit in agriculture only. There would be no challenge of an economy if Pakistan starts thinking about positives of investing in agriculture only.Pakistan is facing 'serious economic challenges' and it needs to carry out a set of comprehensive economic reforms, the International Monetary Fund said hours after it approved financial.

Pakistan is the third largest exporter of rice in the world and producing enough food grains to feed its people. 3 million tons of rice is exported every year by Pakistan which is surplus to our requirements. The Spread of the American Political and Economic Model.

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In addition to cataloging the influences of globalization on culture, students of this phenomenon should ask to what extent the effects on culture are negative or positive, and why they are happening. Pakistan is among the most urbanized countries of South Asia.

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