Find a girl scout troop to join

Coloring sheets and puzzles give girls a fun activity while you talk to adults.

Find a girl scout troop to join

How do I find a troop for my daughter? Search the Opportunity Catalog by zip code to find troop opportunities for girls and volunteers. What information is included in an Opportunity Catalog listing?

We never list the exact location of a troop meeting, but we do give a general sense of the location a nearby intersection or landmark to help families select a troop that works best for them. Sometimes troops choose to include a description that shares their interests, including camping, faith-based, community service or travel, so that girls with common interests can join!

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How do I add a girl to my troop? All girls join Girl Scouts online and select a troop from the Opportunity Catalog. For example, if a friend wants to join a specific troop, ask her caregiver to visit gsirlscoutsneny.

The system will walk her caregiver through the steps to becoming a member. As long as the troop vacancies are on display, new members will find them in the Opportunity Catalog.

To make it easy for someone to find a specific troop in the Opportunity Catalog, make sure they have the five-digit troop number and enter it without a space between the letters and numbers.

This is perhaps the best part of being a Girl Scout — you know, make new friends! Since the system is searchable by zip code, we expect that most caregivers will enroll their daughter in the area where they live or near the school she attends.

When a new girl joins a troop, the leader will get an email notification.

Find a girl scout troop to join

The automated email will prompt the leader to reach out and welcome the new Girl Scout to the troop. Can a troop opt out of the Opportunity Catalog? The short answer is no. All girls and volunteers join online through the Opportunity Catalog, and all vacancies need to be on display.

Admittedly, this question is a tough one because it indicates there may be fears or concerns about the new process. Contact us at RegTeam girlscoutsneny. How do I get more adults to join the troop as volunteers?

Because a caregiver will select a troop whose meeting date and time fits their schedules — our hope is that more parents will also choose a volunteer role in the troop from the opportunities that are on display in the Opportunity Catalog. Volunteers do not necessarily need to be the parents of the girl members in the troop; however, all adult volunteers need to pass the background screening process.

What is the recommended troop size? We recommend 12 girls per troop to provide a diverse, interactive experience for the girls. If you have room for more girls, or you have volunteer roles that need filled, please put your vacancies on display in the Opportunity Catalog.

How do I share vacancies in my troop in the Opportunity Catalog? For example, if the desired number of girls is 12, but there are only 10 girls in the troop.

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Two vacancies may be displayed in the Opportunity Catalog until those spots are filled. What if I have an opening mid-year? If any members do not renew by September 30, their spots will open up and should be placed on display in the Opportunity Catalog beginning October 1.

Please consider renewing all girls — even those who are undecided, if they participated in the product sale program s.

Oftentimes, girls will return to the troop after a busy fall season of extracurricular activities. Girls who wait to renew between October 1 and March 1 may renew to their current troop; however, they may overfill the troop.

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If girls want to renew after March 1, they will need to select a troop from those on display in the Opportunity Catalog.Join an Existing Girl Scout Troop When you join Girl Scouts, you get options!

From a traditional troop of your peers to going solo as a Juliette, you’re sure to find a place here. Official Daisy Girl Scout Troop Numbers are purchased per digit and put together to create your full troop number. Polyester twill and thread.

Numbers Made in out where to place insignia on a Girl Scout uniform. Will boys be allowed to join the Girl Scouts? CLOSE. An Eagle Scout Candidate from Troop 4 in Spencerport works to build a dry stone wall at the historic Colby-Pulver house. Join Today. Cookies, campfires, and bracelets are all part of the journey, but changing the world?

That’s the real destination! One adventure at a time, Girl Scouts learn, grow, and do amazing things. Any girl in rising grades K can join the fun by becoming a Girl Scout.

Whether she wants to be part of a troop, sign up for exciting events, explore the outdoors, or travel the world, each age level has something for your girl. Below, find resources for your recruitment efforts, from promoting a service unit or troop event to hosting a fun Girl Scout Information Session to help start new troops (with the support of your service unit team and our staff members, of course).

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