Influence of computers

It emulates its predecessors by utilizing a custom chip called the Mega II and used the new Western Design Center 65C bit microprocessor running at 2.

Influence of computers

It emulates its predecessors by utilizing a custom chip called the Mega II and used the new Western Design Center 65C bit microprocessor running at 2. The use Influence of computers a 2.

Its graphical capabilities are the best of the Apple II series, with new higher resolution video modes. By changing the palette on each scanline, it is possible to display up to colors or more per screen, which was quite commonly seen within games and graphic design software during this computer's heyday.

Through some clever programming, it is possible to make the IIGS display as many as 3, colors at once. Audio is generated by a built-in sound-and-music synthesizer in the form of the Ensoniq digital oscillator Influence of computers, which has its own dedicated RAM and 32 separate channels of sound.

These channels are paired to produce 15 voices in stereo audio. The IIGS supports both 5. These include a port to attach even more floppy disk drives, two serial ports for devices such as printers and modems which can also be used to connect to a LocalTalk networkan Apple Desktop Bus port to connect the keyboard and mouseand composite and RGB video ports.

The machine also features a user-adjustable control panel and real-time clock, which are maintained by a built-in battery a non-replaceable 3. This was over a decade before NetBoot offered the same capability to computers running Mac OS 8 and beyond. This section does not cite any sources.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message In addition to supporting all graphics modes of previous Apple II modelsthe Apple IIGS introduced several new ones through a custom video graphics chip VGCall of which use a bit palette for a total of 4, possible colors, though not all colors can appear onscreen Influence of computers the same time.

In this mode, the VGC holds 16 separate palettes of 16 colors in its own memory. Each of the scan lines can be assigned any one of these palettes allowing for up to colors on the screen at once. In this mode, the CPU assists the VGC in swapping palettes into and out of the video memory so that each scan line can have its own palette of 16 colors allowing for up to 3, colors on the screen at once.

In this mode, color 0 in the palette is replaced by the last non-zero color pixel displayed on the scan line to the leftallowing fast solid-fill graphics drawn with only the outlines.

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In this mode, the VGC holds 16 separate palettes of 4 pure colors in its own memory. Each of the scan lines can be assigned any one of these palettes allowing for up to 64 colors on the screen at once. In this mode, two palettes of four pure colors each are used in alternating columns.

The hardware then dithers the colors of adjacent pixels to create 16 total colors on the screen. Each scan line on the screen can independently select either or line mode, fill mode mode onlyand any of the 16 palettes, allowing graphics modes to be mixed on the screen.

This is most often seen in graphics programs where the menu bar is constantly in pixel resolution and the working area's mode can be changed depending on the user's needs.

The IIGS is often referred to as a voice system, because one stereo voice is reserved by the OS at all times for timing and system sounds. Software that does not use the OS, or uses custom-programmed tools most games and demos do thiscan access the chip directly and take advantage of all 32 voices.

The computer's audio capabilities were given as the primary reason for record label Apple Corps 's resumption of legal action against Apple that had been previously suspended.

However, this jack provides only mono sound, and a third-party adapter card is required for stereo, [5] despite the fact that the Ensoniq and virtually all native software produces stereo audio stereo audio is essentially built into the machine, but has to be de-multiplexed by third-party cards.

Applied Engineering 's SonicBlaster is one of a few developed cards for this purpose. The expansion slots can be used for a variety of purposes, greatly increasing the computer's capabilities.

Other mass-storage devices such as adapters supporting more recent internal 2. Development and codenames[ edit ] During the mids many rumors spread about Steve Wozniak 's work on an "Apple IIx". The IIx project, though, became bogged down when it attempted to include various coprocessors allowing it to emulate other computer systems.

Early samples of the were also problematic. These problems led to the cancellation of the IIx project, but later, a new project was formed to produce an updated Apple II.

This project, which led to the released IIGS, was known by various codenames while the new system was being developed, including "Phoenix", "Rambo", "Gumby", and "Cortland". There were rumors of several vastly enhanced prototypes built over the years at Apple but none were ever released.

Only one, the "Mark Twain", has been revealed so far. Limited Edition "Woz"-signed case [ edit ] As part of a commemorative celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the Apple II series' development, as well as Apple Computer itself celebrating the same anniversary, a special limited edition was introduced at product launch.

The first 50, Apple IIGSs manufactured had a reproduced copy of Wozniak's signature "Woz" at the front right corner of the case, with a dotted line and the phrase "Limited Edition" printed just below it.

Owners of the Limited Edition, after mailing in their Apple registration card, were mailed back a certificate of authenticity signed by Wozniak and 12 key Apple engineers, as well as a personal letter from Wozniak himself both machine-reproduced.

Because the difference between standard and Limited Edition machines were purely cosmetic, many owners of new were able to "convert" to the Limited Edition by merely swapping the case lid from an older and likely nonfunctional machine.

While of nostalgic value to Apple II users and collectors, presently these stamped-lid cases are not considered rare, nor do they have any particular monetary worth.

Influence of computers

In addition, the other standardized ports and addition of SCSI set a benchmark which allowed, for the first time, Apple to consolidate their peripheral offerings across both the Apple II and Macintosh product lines, permitting one device to be compatible with multiple, disparate computers.Intelsat, S.A.—formerly INTEL-SAT, INTELSAT, Intelsat—is a communications satellite services provider.

Originally formed as International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO, or INTELSAT), it was—from to —an intergovernmental consortium owning and managing a constellation of communications satellites . The Apple IIGS (styled as II GS), the fifth and most powerful model of the Apple II family, is a bit personal computer produced by Apple Computer, featuring the Macintosh look and feel, and capabilities similar to the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST, it still remains backwards compatible with earlier Apple II models.

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