Michael levins the case for torture essay

The Environment The definition of torture is: When such pain or suffering is inflicted by police or public official or other person acting in an official capacity.

Michael levins the case for torture essay

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Michael Levin: The Case for Torture

In fact, why not try to do so? Fiction K - English - Spiritual - Chapters: He hits his thesis a paragraph later, stating that he believes this to be a very unwise assumption, and that, far from torture being a completely and totally bad thing, there are in fact times when torture is "morally mandatory.

Perhaps the only real, definite fault is that it is not long enough. It is concise, but some people might need more arguments to be entirely convinced. Levin starts with a scenario for his readers, one which is even more effective in current times.

It involves a nuclear bomb threat, followed by the capture of the terrorist responsible. Levin should have made mention of the fact that the bomb, as it seems, is operating on a timer, since if it were to be triggered by the terrorist then the threat would have been over at this point. Nevertheless, this is only a minor thing, one which few will probably have noticed, and he proceeds smoothly to the next point: The location of the bomb can be discovered through interrogation, but as he refuses to divulge this information, the only possibility left is through torture.

He then ends this scenario by asking the reader to weigh the millions of lives in danger against the terrorist, and states that, in his opinion, torture is justified in this scenario.

He admits that both points are right, but claims, quite effectively, that they can be outweighed in certain circumstances. He goes on to restate this explanation, and give another example supporting it, through yet another scenario.

Saying that we are obligated to do whatever is necessary to save the lives of those involves, he presents a number of people, thenand then Even letting ten people die, Levin claims, is more barbaric than torturing one person.

The number of people polled is admittedly small only four people but the point is not, it seems, to say something along the lines of "One-hundred percent of all mothers polled said that they would allow torture to get their child back.

Even though the rights of one individual are being disregarded, to not do so would be to disregard the rights of many more individuals.

Michael levins the case for torture essay

But just as there is a time when performing torture is less of an affront against morality and human rights than not performing torture, so to is there a time when assassination and preemptive attacks are less immoral than the alternative.

Bringing up the scenarios of assassination, or preemptive attack, present more opportunities for Levin to succeed in making his case. If the reader can accept that a nation is justified in attacking another preemptively, or that one is justified in assassinating a person, then the reader cannot really continue to justify a stance against torture.

This seems to work rather well, and it would have been nice to see this used more extensively.

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This is a particularly interesting thought, and it would be appealing to see if this concept of "one loses the right to X when one endangers the X of others" holds up in other situations.

It would be just about unchallengeable, were he to make it much longer, using his previous styles of arguments by presenting more scenarios and offering multiple possible solutions to any concerns which the reader might have.

Works Cited Levin, Michael. Your review has been posted.Essay about The Case For Torture, by Michael Levin Words | 5 Pages In “The Case For Torture” an article written by Michael Levin, he attempts to justify the use of torture as a means of saving lives.

An Argument on "The Case for Torture" "The Case for Torture" by Michael Levin is an argumentative piece on the subject of torture. Levin discusses instances where torture is necessary to obtain information out of a criminal.

/5(3). Michael Levin’s “The Case for Torture” argues that there are various reasons for allowing torture to exist in the United States of America. Levin would love to see society change its negative views on torture so that, under certain circumstances, torture would be permissible.

Essay selected: Michael Levin’s “The Case for Torture” Author Background: Michael Levin is a renowned best-selling author who has written more than books. His books have received exceptional reviews from some of the world’s leading publications. But torture, in the cases described, is intended not to bring anyone back but to keep innocents from being dispatched.

The most powerful argument against using torture as a punishment or to secure confessions is that such practices disregard the rights of the individual. Essay about The Case For Torture, by Michael Levin - In “The Case For Torture” an article written by Michael Levin, he attempts to justify the use of torture as a means of saving lives.

Throughout the article, Levin gives the reader many hypothetical examples in which he believes torture is .

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