My pushover instructor

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My pushover instructor

I will probably never learn your name, and that is okay.


I may try to get you interested in math, but not actually you because I know nothing about you. I am basically never talking to you. In the syllabus you will find rules, policies, percentages, office hours.

You will not find anything here that matters to you. You will not find a reason to care anywhere within these pages. I will ask you if you have any questions on the syllabus, and then we will start the first lecture. Either way, mine is not your only class.

You do the homework.

My pushover instructor

At any rate, if you just study really hard for the next midterm, it will be okay. You send me an email, if you just do really well on the final will it be okay? I want to talk to you about so much more than the bare minimum.

My pushover instructor

I want to talk to you about so much more than just this class. Most of you are still caught in a punitive mentality from high school and you need help transitioning to college level responsibility. In practice, there are just too many numbers.

In class, I talk about how important the homework is and that you should aim to do better on the homework than you want to do in the class. I do not know what Calculus class is right for you. But those opinions are based on my own privileged experiences.

Many of my colleagues have even higher standards, filling me with insecurity. And it will be my fault. High expectations require extra support. Or do we keep our expectations high so that the best prepared of you achieve your potential?

I assure you that there will be a curve. I really really really want you to do well in the class, to learn, and to feel good about it. You see, teaching is very stressful and way more subjective than we like to talk about in math.Civil Engineering is the branch of engineering that covers the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment—most specifically of fixed structures or public works—and takes place in both the public and private sectors.

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