Shirow masamune

Tie-in books[ edit ] InShirow produced the Appleseed Databook, a detailed look into the history, the people, and the technology found in the world of Appleseed. The book includes the short story titled "Called Game". Appleseed Hypernotes was serialized in Comic Gaia, followed by a collected volume in

Shirow masamune

Create New One of the mangaka most responsible for the prevalence of Cyber Punk themes in anime and manga since the early 's, Masamune Shirow specializes in stories Shirow masamune technology-gone-berserk and post-apocalyptic madness. He eventually struck gold with Dominion, one of the funniest dystopian fantasies ever written — which was later turned into the successful OAV series Dominion Tank Police.

The more serious Appleseed manga was also successful.

Shirow masamune

Stand-Alone Complex that has run for two seasons. In he worked on Real Drive with Production I. G work he participated in was Sampaguitathe 3rd game of the interactive anime Visual Novel series Yarudoraproviding character design.

Horned Owl and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon ; the true extent of his involvement with the latter game beyond drawing official artwork below his normal skill level in places for the game is unknown, but the in-game character designs do suggest he did have quite the influence on the general style direction.

Shirow's art style is characterized by an obsessive attention to technical detail rivaling that of his contemporary Katsuhiro Otomoand a similarly detailed — if unrealistic — approach to character design.

Shirow is a very private and reclusive individualhaving often been called the J. Salinger of Japan; like many mangaka, he is best known by his pen name. All that anyone knows about Masanori Ohta, the man behind the pseudonym, is that he lives in Hyogo, Japan where he moved after losing his house in the Kobe earthquakeand that he was formerly a high school teacher.

Masamune Shirow

He also draws a loooooot of Hentai these days. Almost exclusively, in fact, to the point where detractors wish he would go back to mainstream material.

His H works tend to feature lesbian sex, anal, and tentacle rape.Discover Book Depository's huge selection of Shirow-Masamune books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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Shirow masamune

Masamune Shirow (士郎 正宗, Shirō Masamune, born November 23, ) is the pen name of Japanese manga artist Masanori pen name is derived from the legendary sword-smith is best known for the manga Ghost in the Shell, which has since been turned into two theatrical anime movies, two anime television series, an anime television movie, an anime OVA .

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