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Site that writes essays for you tumblr transparents

No matter what corner of the country you live in, you or someone in your life has been touched by cancer, the opioid epidemic, devastating illnesses or serious mental health issues. Read these three letters to learn why President Obama is so committed to investing in the future of health in America.

President, my name is Eugene Ammon. I am from Columbus Ohio. I am sending this message in regards to the growing concern in this country about addiction especially the growing number of people who die each year because of this.

I personally lost my mother 18 months ago to a heroin overdose and will most likely be attending my sisters funeral, a mother of 3, by the years end as she is also an addict and has been diagnosed with heart problems and Hep C. Both i assume due to her addiction and her life style that has led her to being arrested for soliciting more times than i can count.

My concern is that this has opened my eyes as to how only those with an abundance of resources have steady and consistent access to the treatment necessary to actually treat themselves.

My sister was recently released out into the world, again, without anywhere to go as waiting lists for facilities combined with over crowding in the jail system meant she would be put in a position no one could possibly succeed in. There are facilities available but they need you to be insured.

To be blunt but even with the expanded access to health insurance this is not something a prostitute with a heroin problem is walking around with. Let me be clear that her decisions are hers and hers alone. They were my mothers decisions. However I cant help but wonder what kind of difference it would make if one could have access to this kind of help the moment they wanted it.

I feel there are enough resources to make this a reality, I also think this would be cheaper over the long run than the countless unpaid ER visits that are occurring everyday from things like overdoses and infections.

Its too late for my family. Its too late for me. Its not too late for countless others.

“The Affordable Care Act has improved people’s lives. And we can’t go backward.”

I as an average american can only reach out to those who might with what i see as a problem and hope someone notices or cares.

I do know this is health crisis not just a criminal one and i hope for a policy approach sooner rather than later that will deal with this as such. If you or anyone happens to read this i thank you for your time.

More Americans now die every year from drug overdoses than in motor vehicle crashes, and the majority involve opioids. The Administration is committed to ensuring that these funds are disbursed quickly and effectively starting in early I read in the news this morning that the Vice President was visiting the Fred Hutchinson Research Center on Monday, and I wanted to thank him for continuing to bring this terrible disease into the spotlight, and thank you both for being that ever-hopeful light in finding a way to manage cancer with your Moonshot initiative.

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I sat with my daughter on my lap and listened to the State of the Union address, and at one years old, I was delighted that she clapped along as the audience applauded.

I will continue to follow your administrations lead and support you in your endeavors, however they manifest over the next few months and years. It is with the most sincereity and humbleness that I ask for your office to continue supporting the institutes, scientists, and resarch centers, who will, no doubt.

Thank you again for all of the work you have done, and will continue to do. I will be cheering from the sidelines, and envisioning better days to come.

She questioned whether the health care law and the U. This is her letter in response: President, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for listening. Since then I have learned a lot.

I learned that the resources were already there and had been for quite some time. While it is true that finding these resources is more difficult than it should be, it is up to us parents and guardians to be proactive for our children from the very beginning, not after the fifth hospitalization and out of bitter frustration.

I have had to make the choice to give up a job twice nowI am losing my car due to being financially unable to afford it, and we may have to move soon.

I cannot replace the time I had with my parents, nor the joy in seeing my grandchild progress daily in learning to cope in healthy ways with her disorders whil still remaining here at home.

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site that writes essays for you tumblr transparents
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