The holding environment

Holding Environment Written by Kathi Stringer This paper will attempt to discuss the analytic components of the holding environment and extrapolate theory to give meaning towards a syncretic result.

The holding environment

Life-environment interaction[ edit ] All life that has survived must have adapted to conditions of its environment. Temperature, light, humidity, soil nutrients, etc.

However life in turn modifies, in various forms, its conditions. Some long term modifications along the history of our planet have been significant, such as the incorporation of oxygen to the atmosphere.

This process consisted in the breakdown of carbon dioxide by anaerobic microorganisms that used the carbon in their metabolism and released the oxygen to the atmosphere.

This led to the existence of oxygen-based plant and animal life, the great oxygenation event. Other interactions are more immediate and simple, such as the smoothing effect that forests have on the temperature cycle, compared to neighboring unforested areas.

The holding environment

Environmental science is the study of the interactions within the biophysical environment. Part of this scientific discipline is the investigation of the effect of human activity on the environment.

Ecologya sub-discipline of biology and a part of environmental sciences, is often mistaken as a study of human induced effects on the environment. Environmental studies is a broader academic discipline that is the systematic study of interaction of humans with their environment.

It is a broad field of study that includes the natural environmentbuilt environments and social environments. Environmentalism is a broad social and philosophical movement that, in a large part, seeks to minimise and compensate the negative effect of human activity on the biophysical environment.

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The issues of concern for environmentalists usually relate to the natural environment with the more important ones being climate changespecies extinctionpollutionand old growth forest loss. One of the studies related include employing Geographic Information Science to study the biophysical environment.ECOVE Environment Corporation is a resource management services provider that assists public and private entities in Taiwan, Macau, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, India and the USA.

Winnicott believed that this “holding environment” was critical to the therapeutic environment and could be created through the therapist’s direct engagement with a client. Winnicott also believed that antisocial behaviors developed from a person’s having been deprived of a holding environment in childhood and from feelings of insecurity.

The Holding Environment Last Updated on Wed, 06 Apr | Psychoanalytic Therapy The frame that supports the analytic relationship is also referred to as the holding environment, an expression that highlights its containing function.

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The holding becomes integrated into the depths of its consciousness, and the result is a sense of basic trust in reality. The child’s sense of basic trust will begin in relationship to mother and the holding environment, and will extend to the world and the whole universe. This will allow the child to grow and develop into its full potential.

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The holding environment
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